I-series Coalescer

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The I-4xxMM filter/coalescer cartridge has an internal multi-layer pleat block with a large surface area for greater dirt holding capacity. A fine fiber micro-glass shell provides optimum water removal characteristics. The advanced composition of our “MM” Series media allows most vessel configurations to meet EI 1581 6thEdition, Category M, performance requirements.

Identical in form and fit to the I-4xxMM, the I-4xxA4 filter/coalescer cartridges allows most vessel configurations to meet EI 1581 6th Edition, Category M100 performance requirements.


These cartridges are designed to fit in DOD military vessels such as those originally made to the MIL-F-27629 and 27630 specifications.

I-440MM filter/coalescer (NSN 4330-01-511-8268) has been specifically designed to replace a stack of two standard DOD filter/coalescers (NSN 4330-00-983-0998). The I-440MM is also a direct replacement for the previous 3rdEdition model, I-44087 (NSN 4330-01-407-3548).

An objective of the 40-inch cartridge is to eliminate three potential leakage points (there are o-rings at each end of a 20-inch cartridge). The I-440MM has a top blind end and an o-ring at the lower end. Use one Gammon GTP-5935-M alignment pin in the top blind cap to provide a locator for spider plate alignment.

I-440AMM has an o-ring at each end to accommodate a few existing filter/separator vessels that use tie rods instead of spider plates to hold the cartridges. I-420MM (NSN 4330-01-511-8209) and I-420MMA (NSN 4330-01-477-7985), the 20-inch coalescers, also have an o-ring at each end and are direct replacements for the 20-inch DOD cartridge. No alignment pin is required for any of these models.


  • Changeout Differential Pressure: 15 psid
  • Maximum Pressure Ratin: 75 psid
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 250°F (121.1°C)
  • Micron Rating: 0.4



MerkParker Velcon

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