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  • 35% or more savings with single Aquacon®cartridge replacement of multiple disk-type cartridges
  • Positive CHANGE CARTRIDGE signal
  • Choice of carbon removal efficiency
  • Free and emulsified water removal
  • Dissolved water removal with P4D Cartridges
  • Messy disk-type element separation eliminated


Aquacon® filter cartridges were originally developed to meet the demanding requirements of aviation fuel filtration. They remove dirt and water with very high efficiency. The AC-8 Series Aquacon® Cartridges were developed specifically for use with insulating oils. These cartridges provide the most efficient, cost effective conditioning available for insulating and other oils. They have been field proven at numerous electrical utilities.

The Aquacon® accordion pleated style design provides large surface areas of filter media in compact, small diameter cartridges. Glass microfiber filtration medias are combined with water removing super-absorbent polymers in four different configur-ations?, 1/2, P3, and P4D. These four cartridge styles fill arange of cost/performance requirements.

The four filter media styles are offered in integral 1-Hi 2-Hi, 3-Hi, and 4-Hi cartridges, shown above, toreplace one, two, three, or four conventional stacked disk-type cart-ridges. In the center photo, three disk cartridges are shown being replaced by a single Aquacon® AC-8221/2 cartridge.

The compact, integral design makes these cartridges easier to install andreplace than the disk-type. Heavy duty construction has eliminated the problems of used-element separation associated with the disk-type. These features, combined with the outstanding filtration performance of Aquacon®cartridges, provide significant operating cost savings, reliability, andease of use.

Cartridge Selection

Aquacon® AC-8 Series Insulating Oil Cartridges have proven to be very effective for bringing oil into compliance with various specifications. Typically, this has included oil used in lower voltage (115kV) transformers and carbon generating air breathing devices like circuit breakers, tapchangers and other switch gear. Typical dielectric voltages after one pass are 30kv and greater as measured by ASTM D-877 (flat disc electrodes). Cartridge filter media style choices include:
  • 1/2, 0.5 Micron Cartridges are the most popular and cost effective for general field use. Carbon removal capacity and efficiency are greatly increased compared tothe
  • 1 micron design, making these a natural for circuit breakers, etc. Water capacity is reduced, but has proven adequate for most applications.1 Micron Cartridges have maximum water capacity combined with moderate carbon removal capability. Theyare used where removing free and emulsified water is the primary concern.
  • P3, 0.3 Micron Cartridges are a variation of the 1/2 micron design. They contain a thin layer of 0.3 micron rated filter media sandwiched behind the same high carbon capacity filter media used in the 1/2 micron cartridge. This combination of filter medias results in acartridge with excellent carbon capacity, suitable for applications where extra fine filtration is required.
  • P4D, 0.4 Micron Cartridges add dissolved water removing capability to the performance features. This results in lower total water concentrations as measured by ASTM D-1533 (Karl Fisher), and typically further improves D-1816 breakdown voltage (spherical, or “VDE”,electrodes.)P4D Cartridges have the greatest free and emulsified water removal capacity (over 800 ml), plus dissolved water removal capabilities. Carbon removal efficiency and capacity are much greater than 1 micron rated cartridges.

Dissolved water removing capabilities of an AC-829P4D filtering 800 gallons of insulating oil. One cartridge lowers the dissolved water from 60 ppm to34 ppm. Installing a second cartridge further reduces the concentration to23 ppm.

  • Transformer Oil
  • Circuit Breaker Oil
  • Tap Changer Oil



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