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Diesel Filtration Skid

DFS™ Series - System for Removal of Particulates and Protection from Water Contaminants

Providing high quality fuel to the modern high pressure common rail fuel injection systems is imperative to avoid costly downtime and engine repair.
The Parker Diesel Filtration Skid (DFS) plays an important role in a comprehensive fuel contaminant control program as it provides fuel conditioning to assure the consistent removal of abrasive particles and damaging water.
The DFS offers a complete fuel filtration solution which incorporates both particulate and water contaminant removal technologies mounted on a skid base that can be quickly installed and put into operation.
Key components of the DFS includes a particulate housing (DVF) and a coalescing (DV) housing which have proven to withstand years of service in the most challenging environments.
Parker DFO particulate filters and DI and DSO coalescer and separator elements are used for conditioning contaminated fuels to meet the most stringent ISO 4406 and ASTM D975 standards for emulsified and free water as well as abrasive particulate.
All filtration elements are available with threaded base endcap option for quick filter removal and ease of installation.

Diesel Filtration Skid


Standard Design Features

  • ASME code epoxy painted carbon steel vessels (stamp on request)
  • Epoxy-coated interior
  • Swing bolt closure with nitrile cover seals
  • Independent differential pressure gauges
  • Air eliminators
  • Walkway
  • Inlet/Outlet sample ports
  • Hydraulic lifting davit1
  • Isolation valves
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Threaded base coalescer
  • Support hand rail
  • Water sight glass


  • Electronic water sensing
  • Fuel Condition Monitoring



MerkParker Velcon
CategorieFilters - Coalescers - Separators

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