ACOX-series Aquacon Fuel Monitor Cartridge 5 x 24 Inch

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Aquacon® ACO -X™ Water Barrier Filters for Small, Single Element Housings

Remove Water and Dirt from Jet Fuel and Avgas Outside-to-In Flow Cartridges.

  • Water and dirt are prevented from passing downstream allowing only clean, dry fuel.
  • Drop in solution for existing housings without the need for costly retrofitting or addition of electronic sensors.
  • No SAP materials used in the manufacture of ACO-X series of elements.
  • Effective against low-water emulsions and water slugs.
  • Effective in fuel containing FSII (anti-icing additive).
  • Meets the effluent fuel quality and structural requirements of EI-1588
A Cost Effective Solution

With our barrier technology, current filtration equipment at FBO and fixed fueling sites with lower flow rate systems can easily adapt this alternative solution. Parker Velcon SAP-free barrier filtration provides a drop-in replacement for our monitor cartridges used in models VF-61 (5”) and VF-609 (6”) housings and similar ccompetitors housings.

  • Minimal changes to your current operational procedures
  • No modifications to the filter housing
A drop-in solution for current 5""and 6"" diameter filter monitors including competitor brand VF-21SB, VF-22SB, VF-61SS and VFH-1 models

Surface/Barrier Technology

Our new surface/barrier filter element is manufactured using a very fine hydrophobic material that prevents solids and water from passing through.
There is absolutely no SAP used in this filter. Solids are held within the element while water is repelled by the hydrophobic material and falls to the bottom of the vessel.
With our ACO-X element range, there is no need for expensive and costly retrofitting of filtration systems for smaller into-plane fueling applications. ACO-X filter
elements are a true direct drop-in replacement for the various filter housings. See Filter Element Selection
below for basic cross-referencing:

Filter Element Selection

Replace the cartridge when the differential pressure reaches 22 psid or after one year of service. Because of the limited sump space in the vessel, IT IS IMPERITIVE to drain the sump at EVERY FUELING. As an option, a
water detection probe is available for installation, Parker Velcon part number 125-Q.""



MerkParker Velcon


ACO-series Aquacon Fuel Monitor Cartridge

ACO-series Aquacon Fuel Monitor Cartridge

  • Aviation
  • EI 1583 Absorbant
  • Removes all free & emulsified water to <5 ppm
  • 0.3 to 0.5 micron
Artikelnummer: ACO-serie
Filter Housing

Filter Housing

  • Dirt, to 0.5 micron
  • Free + emulsified water to <5 ppm
  • up to 50 gpm - 190 lpm
  • 150 psi - 10 bar
Artikelnummer: VF-61
Filter Housing with Band Clamp Closure

Filter Housing with Band Clamp Closure

  • Dirt, to 0.5 micron
  • Free + emulsified water to <5 ppm
  • up to 50 gpm - 190 lpm
  • 150 psi - 10 bar
Artikelnummer: VF-61E

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